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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- True Believers Painting
Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Who's #1 Painting
Thomas Jordan Gallery --  7th Inning Stretch Painting


Enjoy the unique and often whimsical interpretations of sports and sports fans as presented by Thomas Jordan Gallery. Renowned artist, Thomas Jordan's sports themed oil paintings are quickly rising in popularity and are enjoyed by sports fans everywhere.

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True Believers, Who's #1, The Puck Stops Here and many other one-of-a-kind Thomas Jordan Gallery prints are available for purchase. Individual print, purchase and contact information is available.
Enjoy 20% off all prints through Father's Day, June 15th.

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Commission a Painting

Commission Thomas Jordan Gallery to have your favorite team, sport or player created in oil on canvas to your specifications. Share your favorite sports memory with Tom and together with a photo or your unique vision, Tom will create an original painting to capture that special sports moment as he has done with commissioned paintings such as 12 Pack of Reds, The Mets, Tailgate Party and Homer Hitter Hamilton..

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Where's Molly?

Where's Molly

As a fun and unique identifier, I have secretly placed Molly my West Highland Terrier in several of my paintings. Can you find her? Miss Molly blends in well with her surroundings and she is difficult to spot. Ask for clues and I might be willing to help. Let's start by looking at Who's #1. Molly is hidden in these Thomas Jordan paintings: True Believers, Who's #1, Tailgate Party, 7th Inning Stretch, The Puck Stops Here, Cowboys Future Champs, Let's Get It Started, Cowboys Tribute, and Viking World Order.

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Displayed TJG Art

Thomas Jordan Gallery prints and commissioned original paintings make a perfect gift to commemorate a special moment, memory or place. You may also choose from a number of sports themed prints to enjoy in your man cave, bar or business. Take a look at others who enjoy their Thomas Jordan art.

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Painting Updates

Completed Painting
Range Balls -- Golf Painting
This highly anticipated painting is finally complete and I am extremely happy with the results after making several significant changes late in the game. Range Balls is a compilation of logos of well known courses from around the world.

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Thomas Jordan Gallery -- Vikings World Order
Completed Painting
Viking World Order
I am reducing the cost per print to $75 for anyone ordering directly from me who mentions the VWO. This price includes shipping. The reproduction is a digital print of the original oil painting on high quality offset bond paper. The print dimensions are H 30" X W 40" with a 2-inch white border (approximate) around the entire print. Please contact me directly through email or phone to share your order and shipping details.

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Completed Painting
NASCAR -- Sprint Cup Series
24 of the top NASCAR Sprint Cup series drivers are represented in this NASCAR painting. With so many drivers and team sponsors, this is one of the most detailed paintings I have done to date.

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Completed Painting
March Madness -- College Basketball Tournament Teams
Now that it is completed, college basketball fans will find it challenging to name a school more deserving than those included.

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Completed Painting
Don't Mess With Texas -- Division 1 Texas Sports Painting
Newly completed painting! Don't Mess With Texas is a tribute to all of the powerful division 1 schools of Texas.

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Completed Painting
Jack Nicklaus Tribute -- Golf Painting
This fun painting is now complete. Jack Nicklaus Tribute is a fine tribute to who many consider the best professional golfer of all time.

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Painting In Progress
World Cup Soccer -- Soccer Painting
This painting is really moving along quickly, even with large scale changes. World Cup Soccer will be my first soccer painting and I hope it will bring joy to a whole new Thomas Jordan Gallery fan base.

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